Gems and Jewellerey Industry

Gems and Jewellerey Industry

Gems and Jewelry is an emerging sector in the global as well as Indian Economy. Ranked among the fastest growing sectors, it is also a leading sector for foreign exchange generation. The major segments of the Gems and Jewelry industry are gold, silver, platinum, diamond, costume, and other gemstone jewelry. Gold being one of the heavily traded metals occupies a major segment in the gems and jewelry industry.

Also, we cover all requirements right from mining to processing to high-end business development and trading jobs. This industry is also witnessing the application of innovative and time-saving technology such as rapid prototyping (RP) and computer aided designing (CAD) in the manufacturing of jewelry. With the growing demand of skilled personnel and technical support training, skill training is also becoming popular. There are many institutes that provide such technical training and courses related to this industry. This training includes jewelry designing, training for manufacturing technology along with new technologies, and cutting and polishing of diamonds and other gemstones.

Being a manpower solution to Gems & Jewellery industry in India as well as international location, today, we have an established client-base, seeking candidates at all levels and qualifications to fill a various challenging and exciting roles.

Also, we have taken up multiple mega turnkey recruitment project focusing on bulk recruitment or mass recruitment at least once in six months which focuses on top management, skilled, unskilled, blue collar workers, and helpers.

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