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A thin line between dream and vision is execution

Universal Hunt Private Limited is the flagship brand of Universal Hunt Group which is diversified into multiple service sector related businesses.

Universal Hunt Private Limited has evolved as total consulting solutions provider in the field of Human Resources. Our passion for succeeding through world-class delivery with speed and accuracy ensures strict adherence to three basic principles of success: discipline, the right attitude, and determination to re-engineer.

We have categorically differentiated our team, infrastructure, business location, service systems, processes, software, and terms of engagement for each offering of recruitment consulting business to do desired justice to the detailed attention and uniqueness in offering each of these businesses demands.

We provide a one-stop solution to our clients in the field of Human Resources Solutions, extending all recruitment consulting as well as periphery services encompassing Executive Search, Permanent Placement, HR Augmentation, Interim Management, Team Assessment, and Corporate Training.

Each stakeholder is like an extended family member to us. We adopt very broad approach while interacting with every person who could be a potential stakeholder in the business. We understand the complexity of human expectations and changing needs. Each consultant is trained to focus much beyond basics while dealing with people because each human has different needs at a different time. Our methodology is to develop a professional relation with strong personal touch enhancing the probability of success at every step. Our aim is to identify the exact needs of clients at a given time and serve them passionately and exclusively.

While identifying a candidate, we emphasize on following criteria to ensure higher chances of longer association between client and candidate. Longer stay of a candidate with any organization term growth strategies in an organization both are mutually benefited from exponential growth as a result of successful outcomes of right strategies:

  • Identifying a candidate in the early career stage with advanced qualifications. They can grow with the company and ensure longer continuity and commitment.
  • Proven skill sets based on their past track record to achieve faster growth, higher market share and improved the bottom line. Capacity to develop large structures.
  • We give special emphasize to entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to take higher ownership since it is a rare trait to develop.
  • Candidate with International exposure is always a preference since it's mandatory for every company to go global to enhance larger market share in future. International exposure elevates thinking and adaptability broadening overall vision. Plus it also brings world-class systems and processes to develop quality and globally acceptable products and services.
  • It is very important to understand the overall chemistry of the candidate with the existing management so as to enhance the chances of success and ensure mutual benefit to both client as well as candidate of continuity

We provide highest emphasize on leadership development within the organization and each consultant is empowered with final authority and flexibility to deal with client requirement. We customize our approach, systems and processes not only from client to client but also from assignment to assignment keeping underlying principles common. To ensure success, we believe in disciplined people, disciplined thoughts, and disciplined actions.

Irrespective of people and location from where an assignment is carried out, we ensure unique flavor of Universal Hunt service standard to every assignment by using Power Hunt, which is indigenously developed business management software. Power Hunt is a culmination of success standards, systems and processes chosen and practiced by most performing brains ensuring delivery above industry standards and clients expectations.

I would like to thank you for visiting our website. You may contact us for further information to avail our services. I would like to welcome you to be part of Universal Hunt family.

"Harshit Bhavsar"

Harshit Bhavsar is also an author of LEAD to WIN. This book documents the experiences, thoughts and perspectives of the author on leadership and success. More importantly it acts as a catalyst, a trigger to set thoughts rolling into motion, thereby enabling you to be a winner through leadership.

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