Recruitment For Education and Training Industry

Education and Training Industry

Education industry includes preschool, primary, secondary, tertiary (colleges and universities – both private and public), vocational and their educational forms like alternative, informal learning, self-directed learning, open learning, and e-learning

The education industry is growing at the highest rate in the geographies of our operation like India, Middle East, and Africa where the government has allocated very high budget for activities related to education and professional training. Education and training aim to equip people with knowledge, know-how, skills and/or competencies required in particular occupations. It represents the means to discipline tomorrow's talent and promote ever higher standards, at personal as well as organizational levels. In countries like India, the focus is on enhancing employment percentage whereas in Middle Eastern countries the focus in on local talent getting a preference. India has almost become a pool to supply human resource across the world in the field of education.

As a leading manpower provider in this sector, we make sure that clients' employees are in line with the corporate goals, which is possible only with the help of the right trainers and educationalists at the perfect levels. We boil a relationship with our candidates which stays for a long-term, identifying their future ambitions and goals and then help them take their next big step towards progress and success.

Also, we have taken up multiple mega turnkey recruitment projects focusing on bulk recruitment or mass recruitment at least once in six months which focuses on top management, skilled, unskilled, blue collar workers, and helpers.

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