We are a Leading Recruitment Consultant in India focusing on cement industry manpower placement services all over the world.The cement industry of any nation plays an important role in its development through the construction of infrastructure .

World over there is huge potential in infrastructure and construction and the cement industry in is set to receive a major boost. In todays world Companies are looking for investing in the cement industry to cash in on the opportunities in this market and so to be a helping partner Universal Hunt is an International Recruitment Consultant focusing on End-to-End HR Recruitment in Cement Industryacross functions, countries, nationalities and hierarchies.

As a leading Permanent Placement and Contract Staffing Company in cement industry,we have taken up multiple mega cement plant turnkey recruitment project focusing on bulk recruitment or mass recruitment atleast once in six months which focuses on top management, skilled, unskilled, blue collar workers and helpers.

Our high tech offices are located in the heart of the commercial hubs in India's metropolitan cities and also close to airports and railway stations making it most convenient for the clients as well as job seekers to use our facilities for interviews. We have multiple backups for all the critical supplies like telephone connections, internet, electricity supply etc. allowing us to function uninterrupted for almost 24x7x365.

Our biggest asset is our people. We have a team of highly trained industry specific expert recruitment specialists capable of talent search across industries, sectors, countries, nationalities and hierarchies. Our large team of consultant allows us to meet any manpower need by our clients in the shortest time span making us known for our turnkey recruitment solutions for any and all the industries across the globe.